Technically I came back on Saturday, just didn’t post anything then. I got so tired after the projects, then needed to get back on the groove of drawing so I ended up doing warm-ups everywhere. Like these two.

Sebastian’s smug face, and Anders’ “tired grumbles.”

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apparently there was also an isabela and an anders floating around somewhere that i didn’t see?? but these two were super good. (credit: hawke and merrill)

(gah i should have dropped by my house to grab my fugitive’s mantle cosplay ;__;) 

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WANTED: a few good artists!


The rough draft deadline for Dragon Age Big Bang is approaching, and if the number of author check-ins we had is an accurate indication of how many stories we’ll have submitted, then we are very much in need of more artists for Wave One!

If you have any talent for any non-writing related fanworks, and would be willing to make something based on a big bang author’s story, we’re looking for you! We’re not just looking for traditional art - other options include fanmixes, graphic art, crafty things, writing songs, podcasting … anything you can do that could be inspired by a story, we welcome it! You’ll have the entire month of October, plus a couple of weeks in November to complete your art. 

Wave One artist sign-ups are here - if you haven’t signed up already, come join us! And if you have any questions, please email us at 

signal boost(: 

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this city is not ours; reincarnation!AU Amell/Cullen


Fandom: Dragon Age
Rating: T
Wordcount: 612 + 131 of background story at the very end.
Notes: I wrote this at 3AM and I wasn’t going to post it, except I realized I kind of like it and drawing parallels is entertaining.  
Read over at AO3. 


“Do you believe in past lives?”

“I don’t know. I don’t think about it.”

They hold hands, sit on the roof, watch the sky fill with smoke. The city swells as as the sun rises, cars streaming into the streets. A flock of birds flutter overhead, settling themselves upon the telephone wires. The landlady who lives on the top floor opens her window, singing something faintly familiar.

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